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Your resource center for spiritual awareness!

Psychic Workshop
Want to develope your abilities?
Let me help you through different
online workshops.

Tarot Workshop
Want to learn Tarot without buying
tons of books? I have the material already
and can share the technique with you.

University of Metaphysical Sciences
UMS brings professionalism to the field of
metaphysics.The curriculum is designed to give
the student a well-rounded education in all
areas of metaphysics.


Your Soul's Plan
Discover the Real Meaning
of the Life You Planned
Before You Were Born.

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians
Contact Your Invisible Helpers.

Opening to Meditation
A Gentle, Guided Approach
Book & Cd.

Talking to Heaven
A Medium's Message of Life
After Death.

The Only Psychic Power
Book You'll Ever Need

Discover Your Innate Ability
to Unlock the Mystery of Today.

So You Want To Be A Medium
A Down to Earth Guide
to Becoming A Medium.


Handling Distractions
During Meditation

Some good advice to help
you to handle distractions when
you are meditating.

What is A Soul?
What do you think a soul is?

Twin Flames
What are they?

Healthy Self-Esteem
Help advice for the self esteem.

Spiritual Hangover?
How do you know if you're
having a Spiritual Hangover?.

Negative Self Talk
Everyone does it.
Learn how to stop.

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Please do not order this class unless you are sure that you wish to participate, as there will be no refunds given for any reason. I do not guarentee that you will become a professional reader or psychic. This workshop is for your own personal growth, and entertainment. You must be 18 years of age of older to order.

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